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Bramar Caribbean is the proud official Distributor for Thordon Bearings in Curaçao and several other countries in the region for the supply of the best composite bearings money can buy.

Our biggest market is the marine industry for the supply of different kinds of dry-operated or water-lubricated arrangements like rudder bearings and propeller shaft bearings. We can supply a range of materials depending on the application like abrasive water environments.

Thordon’s polymer bearing solutions reduce operating costs, provide long wear life, eliminate oil and grease and endure abrasive conditions like shallow water.

Besides the marine industry we can supply bearings for various industrial applications like vertical pumps and other applications like transportation bearings, lock & gate bearings, sewage & water treatment bearings, food equipment & drinking water bearings and many other possible solutions.

For more information visit the official Thordon Bearings website:

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